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Patrick J. Coppock


The fifteen articles that make up this volume were all, with the exception of this preface, presented and discussed at an international conference entitled ‘The Semiotics of Writing: Transdisciplinary Perspectives on the Technology of Writing’, held at the International Centre of Semiotic and Cognitive Studies of the University of San Marino from 12-14th November 1999, with the present author as scientific organiser. In carrying out this interesting and enjoyable task I was well supported by the director of the Centre, Professor Patrizia Violi and her administrative staff, Ms. Emanuela Stacchino and. Ms. Paula Cenci.[i]


The biggest thank-you of all must of course be extended to our invited speakers and our other conference participants, without whom the event would not have taken place in the first place. Many, in spite of otherwise busy agendas, committed readily to travel to San Marino from such distant corners of the globe as Australia, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and the United States to help make The Semiotics of Writing the significant international event I believe it was. Each added his or her own personal ‘signature’ to the proceedings in the form of challenging and original presentations, and keen involvement in spirited exchanges on the various themes touched upon during three intense and stimulating days together.


So what was it that we set out to do with the Semiotics of Writing? Well, the main objective for the event was to bring together, and open up a transdisciplinary conversational space for, eminent scholars from a broad range of research areas, all in one way or another concerned with the theme of written communication.


[i] Thanks too, must go to the technical staff provided by the Centre who maintained a reliable audio-visual support system for our invited speakers and other participants during presentations and discussions, and also for our two woman interpreting team from Payman International Congress Organisation, who in their turn made it possible for us to offer (for the first time in San Marino) simultaneous translation between Italian and English for conference participants. The Semiotics of Writing was hosted in agreeable surroundings by the Grand Hotel, San Marino, whose staff made sure that our needs for sustenance in the form of food and drink during the conference were well taken care of

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